The Rex Putnam KINGSMEN THUNDER Drum Line Program

Music is an essential part of life, integral in the development of the whole person, and a vital component for the advancement of civilization. A person’s quality of life is improved by physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth experiences through a meaningful, sequential study in music. Plus a sweet chat with René, as she catches us up on 30 years of Here Comes … [Read More...]

Now Playing at Portland Center Stage

Have you ever played the game "The Oregon Trail"? Came out in 1995 on a CD-ROM!!! Now in its 5th edition, "The Oregon Trail" has allowed us to be a carpenter, a … [Read More...]

Terry Bozzio’s Universe of Sound

As Terry puts it, music is a metaphor for the universe we find ourselves in. This, now, drum legend, first got inspired by his musical prodigy father to stake a … [Read More...]

The Dark and the Light of Steep Ravine

In the world of musicians, more and more you can see the influences that shape a particular group's sound are taking on increasingly different style and genres. … [Read More...]

Oregon Symphony’s Challenging Path

In the 21st century, many long-established organizations, from symphonies to ballet companies and theatres, face the perennial challenges of bringing an audience in … [Read More...]

The Many Seasons of Nathaniel Talbot

My heart and mind have been taken by Nathaniel Talbot. I suggested to him, he should write about his path. It has seemed a natural progression for him but he agrees … [Read More...]

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