John Doe: Balancing the Life

Not easy when you are a punk hero and an underdog. Lots to live up to. But John Doe has managed. Plus kept up the legendary X. And written a Grammy-nominated book. Double dog dare YOU. The Portland show is SO.   Learned A Few Things Along The Way   John promised he and Exene would make it to Portland, despite the snow. OK. The show SOLD … [Read More...]

The Accidental Jimmy Mak

Jimmy says it all happened "almost accidentally". The club, the success he had with it in our community. Thanks in part to inspiration his dad offered Jimmy. And the … [Read More...]

The Rex Putnam KINGSMEN THUNDER Drum Line Program

Music is an essential part of life, integral in the development of the whole person, and a vital component for the advancement of civilization. A person’s quality of … [Read More...]

Now Playing at Portland Center Stage

Have you ever played the game "The Oregon Trail"? Came out in 1995 on a CD-ROM!!! Now in its 5th edition, "The Oregon Trail" has allowed us to be a carpenter, a … [Read More...]

Terry Bozzio’s Universe of Sound

As Terry puts it, music is a metaphor for the universe we find ourselves in. This, now, drum legend, first got inspired by his musical prodigy father to stake a … [Read More...]

The Dark and the Light of Steep Ravine

In the world of musicians, more and more you can see the influences that shape a particular group's sound are taking on increasingly different style and genres. … [Read More...]

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