Dianne Bates Interview

This is what happens when two friends who haven’t seen each other in a decade or two get together.

Reunion January 2, 2013: Dianne Bates and I spent much of our so-called careers creating the same high jinx and traveling on some parallel paths and several divergent roads.  Portland is the portal for this silly reunion.

Dianne Bates’ culture/arts/hospitality journalism and/or photography has appeared in Los Angeles Times, CNN.com, Baltimore Sun, Baltimore City Paper, Where LA, FLAUNT, Westside and Southbay Magazines, H Magazine, Malibu Magazine among others.

Listen to our conversation

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A skipping stone from Portland, to Michigan, New York City, and back to Portland. It was theatre and dance worlds in Manhattan. And here in Portland, total immersion into the radio broadcasting world, more dance, theatre, art and endless music.


  1. Dianne Bates says:

    Hey Inessa! I see your site is up and running! Thanks for posting our conversation. Care to set up a phoner so we can discuss our opposing opinions about ARGO? 🙂

  2. Rebecca Webb says:

    Wow! I sure enjoyed hearing you ladies talking about our lives. I’m with Dianne: have never been the same. But, some interesting things are in the works!

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