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Not just anybody can pose a question and mean it. I mean, really ask it and look for a sincere answer(s). But there are a few artists out there up for not just posing complex questions, but offering up a few ideas on how to find a path through this layered and changing world. Holcombe Waller offers this exploration with his new theatrical project, Wayfinders.

 Finding a Path Through the World

How can a person be an instrument of navigation? How much do we rely on technology? Where are we? How do we find a path through the world? These are some of the questions Holcombe is wrangling in his newest song-cycle and theatre piece. One night only! November 22, 2013 at Alberta Rose Theater.




According to the press release, ” Wayfinders borrows it’s name from the title of a book and lecture series by anthropologist Wade Davis. Waller was inspired by the depth to which Davis connects a sense of contemporary purpose and meaning – even our modern psyche – to endangered and extinct cultures from every dimension of Earth’s history. The lyrics of Wayfinders detail the technological, moral, and even metaphysical solutions we apply to navigation and orientation, and how these solutions can form the basis of our vision for the future.”

Note that this is a one-night only performance and that proceeds from the evening will contribute to the ongoing development and touring of the work.


i grabbed a few precious moments with Holcombe this week (he, STILL finishng writing the music!!!!!). A little backstory on what this journey of Wayfinders is all about.



WHAT: “Wayfinders” – a new evening of music by Holcombe Waller

WHEN: Friday November 22nd at 7:30pm

WHERE: The Alberta Rose Theater, 3000 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR 97211

TICKETS: $15 – $40 TICKETS BY PHONE: 1-503-719-6055

TICKETS ONLINE: Here.  Tickets also available at the Alberta Rose box office.

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