The Many Hats of Rob Daiker

Seems so simple. You’re an artist. A writer.  You’re a musician. A songwriter. An actor. The commitment to keeping your head totally in your chosen art form is another thing entirely. Rob advocates for pouring one’s emotion into what you create. That is the thing that gives the artist’s life a through-line and, well, makes it real.





The new album, at long last. A muse arrived suddenly, earlier this year, and songs poured out of Rob’s head and heart,  for the first time in several years. Even a longer break, when it came to making a record. Sometimes it takes heartbreak, but every once in a while, a welcoming and open heart brings on the poetic floodgates. The new record, Binary Affairs, will be out by the end of the year. He calls it a “hopeful record”. The first single, “Superhero”, is at iTunes now and that means it is time to do a rare solo appearance. See the links to show details, below.



Rob Daiker at Robin Road


Blake Sakamoto and Rob dropped by Robin Road to hang out and talk  about everything! From the fact that we are neighbors, not 5 minutes away from each other. Who Knew!


Blake Sakamoto and Rob Daiker at Robin Road

We talked Skrillex, Diplo, Haley Johnson, Dan Reed, making music that will make YOU happy, not what you think might make fans happy. How can you know that, anyway? Rob is a guy with his head in music the entire time. Partly by choice. But mostly by necessity. Blake, as always, opened the door to make this wonderful hang happen. Enjoy the conversation.








A rare appearance September 12 at Dante’s . Not to be missed. Details HERE.

Follow along with Blake Sakamoto HERE. Dan Reed will be stateside later this fall.

Here is a big hint Rob dropped. A Seattle band to watch is The Fame Riot. You heard it here.
















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