The Rex Putnam KINGSMEN THUNDER Drum Line Program

Music is an essential part of life, integral in the development of the whole person, and a vital component for the advancement of civilization. A person’s quality of life is improved by physical, emotional, social and cognitive growth experiences through a meaningful, sequential study in music. Plus a sweet chat with René, as she catches us up on 30 years of Here Comes Everybody, and what’s coming up.




RPHS Kingsmen Thunder Drum Line, established in 2009 by René Ormae-Jarmer, is the only drum line in the N. Clackamas School District. They perform at assemblies, events, schools in and out of the district, parades, special events, sporting events, and competed in the NWAPA (NW Performing Arts Assoc.) circuit for the first time in Spring of 2016. The program is growing every year and it’s is steered forward by the force of nature that is the instructor, René.

In order to be more competitive, the program is looking for a marimba or 2, that you see in the above image. That’s where the GoFundMe for Marimbas comes in. Even $5 bucks is greatly appreciated. Helping our world get better by buying a marimba! Right in our own backyard.


Enjoy our lively conversation and find out how YOU can get involved. Link up below.






The Kingsmen Thunder Drum Line gives students at Rex Putnam High School and Alder Creek Middle School in Milwaukie, Oregon an opportunity to learn an engaging and athletic art form. Last year, after seven years spent building a quality program, the Thunder competed for the first time with other area schools at NWAPA (NW Performaing Arts Assoc.). While our percussionists are enthusiastic and dedicated, all of district’s mallet equipment are sadly outdated and some are unusable.

*The picture above shows a small, older, concert marimba and xylophone that was used last year. These instruments are fragile and never meant to leave the band room building. They are also out of date and the frames literally fell apart every time we took the floor for competition. See below for the link to the marimbas that are the standard for drum line activity.

The front ensemble, the melodic component of the drum line, desperately needs TWO new Adams 4 1/3 Octave Synthetic Key Marimbas on field frames (for sturdiness and ease of transportation at events) instruments. While most classical marimbas cost in the 10K-12K range for ONE instrument, these are lower-priced but appropriate for the percussionists to compete and train on. Click this link to see the excellent marimbas that we will purchase with funds raised. Most other drum line programs in the NW have these instruments, however, there is not a single one of these in the entire district or neighboring districts/areas.
Having quality marimbas that can withstand the rigors of touring to competitions would mean a great deal to these exceptional young performers. They have so much talent and ability to be proud of, they deserve to have instruments!

The drum line is a very popular and growing program, but the district does not support it financially in any way. Grant-writing, and student fees along with fundraising along with the director’s tireless volunteering of extra time and resources make this program successful.
Drum line is open to all students regardless of background and is a fantastic way to build confidence, teamwork and discipline; all skills that will serve them well throughout life.

Thank you very much for your generous donation! It will serve percussionists for years to come and entertain literally thousands in audiences at competitions, sporting events, and concerts. Help the KINGSMEN THUNDER Drum Line be competitive and promote the “Sport Of The Arts” of drum line. Music is life.

Among René’s other passions are instructing private students piano, percussion,  and drums from her beautiful home in Oak Grove.





This Is What the Drum Line Wants!





Now into their 30th years as HCE, René and Michael have lots of plans ahead. A new video, thanks to the guys at Potboiler Video, and bit time for fun at their house recently, with Dan Savage and Hump! Film Festival. The video below, is one they filmed long ago and faraway in 1987. Time for a new one!



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