Robert Wynia at Robin Road

There have been fully a dozen records from Portland band Floater, led by Robert Wynia. Now comes a second solo effort from Robert which is, by turns, transcendent, mind-blowing, existential, and down to earth.





It’s been said about Robert, that he is no stranger to deep self-examination. No surprise, that is how much of it went down during our conversation at Robin Road. Ranging from the serious, to the ridiculous, and to the sublime.




Robert told me, he really likes collaborative work, as was done with Floater. And certainly on this new record. Brave the Strange is populated  by some amazing players. Skip VonKuske with his cello. Erin Adkisson offers up additional vocals on several tracks. Paul Brainard is doing his patented pedal steel, including the opening track.



” I am making the record I am not hearing (out in the world), for myself”, Robert tells me.  So this new baby is great for late-night listening, driving, or walking about. It covers a lot of soundscape moods. And leaves much to think about.






Having some live fun.

You will hear in our conversation above, how co-producer Daniel Riddle suggested Robert approach the “title-track”. Apparently, a Lee Hazlewood trick Daniel shared with Robert. Here it is, caught live.




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