Meet Heart Hunters

Brianna McGeehan and Drew de Man have both tried several different lives on for size. Globally, locally, and now most recently have settled into Atlanta, Georgia. What else is new? Plenty for these two!


Most important thing right now,  for Bri and Drew? The Kickstarter for a first national release.  To be produced by Grammy-nominated Peter Case.


A recent quick catch-up across the miles to talk about the “name change” from Pretend Sweethearts to now, Heart Hunters, how the 100 year -old farmhouse is coming along, and how Atlanta is feeling more like home, yes? YES!

By the way, the song you hear at the end of our conversation, “Angels” has its own backstory. Here’s how Bri explained it to me:

So it came out of a very challenging tour. Two kids, Lucien was 16 months, two months on the road. And it really is about the challenges of life and what is going on in this country, what you see when you drive across it and then back again. North Dakota etc….the oil rigs! omg.


Check out our visit last July 3, 2016 at Robin Road.






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