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As Michele puts it, a lot of life had to be lived for her to arrive at this very moment. We spoke in the heat of this past September. Now it’s October and time is flying on the tractory Michele has set for herself. Songs to be finished. Music to be made. Album to be delivered.  And we, her fans, can be here to help, and go along for the ride!




Michele Ari ~ Brent Angelo Photography


Michele is a terrific writer. Expressing everything that comes at her, in ways both subtle and straightforward, even overwhelming. That actually very much reflects in her music as well. Alternately, hard sounds mingle with punk, ballads, and very thoughtful poetry in song. And along with that, a lot of unexpected playfulness in music, lyric, and execution.


Reading Michele’s musings at her website, one gets an expansive appreciation for life through her words and music, and the experiences she has lived through, and created for the future.

I maintain nothing worth having comes easy but comes with the largest of rewards. In this case I look forward to my finest songs for you yet.  And what is sure to be an extraordinary and memorable experience for me. It already is. 

A lot of life has been lived to arrive at the point where one of biggest influences of one of my top 5 favorite bands has materialized into the making of a record with John Ashton, former guitarist and songwriter with  The Psychedelic Furs. The band continues to tour playing  songs that make up John’s legacy as an artist and I have seen them live every year since 2011 in Nashville, NYC and now Portland, while John produces independent artists of his choosing as well as rock and punk luminaries  Sisters of Mercy. He has also written and recorded with Marianne Faitfull. More recently John launched an exciting new project Satellite Paradiso whose record is other-worldly and includes musicians with envious musical resumes.

Time to become a Michele Ari armchair traveler. See where her adventures will take us. Here’s a good place to start.



Michele created her uniquely own way to fund her new project with John. After exploring the usual routes artist often take, she created one for herself.

Standing before me is the chance to work side by side with John.  I will be going into the studio with John in upstate NY,  late September 2017. I will update here for you who the band will be once schedules are confirmed. . We will be creating a special limited edition three song EP and that will be later be followed up with the rest of the songs which you will get as they are released.  This is a change to our original approach so in return for your donations thus far and from here on out I have some VERY good news!

I have been writing on my own from a distance and when I arrive John and I will be writing together! How cool is that? So, we will record the three to release now and write more together for the future. I am thrilled! And the cherry on top of the cherries? He is now going to play on the record!  What more could I girl want? Ok, I have a list but all of this was on it I assure you. 

Everyone who participates now will be invited into the studio and behind the scenes during production and well before anyone else has access to the songs. I have a private Facebook group waiting to invite you. You will also all get MP3 copies as well as the Limted edition CD, the future releases as we finish them, a poster and any donos above $25 will get an additional MP3 for a friend and a call from us from the studio to thank you. In addition, above $50 will get two CDs and another poster for a friend. $150 and beyond will get a thank you on the liner notes plus everything mentioned. I will do my best to get signed copies with John provided  I can work out the logistics. One way or another every one of you will get everything  I have to give and think of and above all just being incredible for having helped make a dream come true. I will update this section as I find more ways to reward you.given our new plan.  

Don’t forget that any music purchases you make in my store all go right to me, right to my bank account and straight towards the record! So feel free to  purchase existing music as well.


Wayne Anderson and Ty Hitzemann joined in the fun as well. You can hear them gurgling in the background.



Check our out late -summer hang. And don’t miss a song from Michele’s  Uncharted Territory. A track she calls “Life After This”. You will hear it at the end of our time together.

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