InessaA skipping stone from Portland, to Michigan, New York City, and back to Portland. It was theatre and dance worlds in Manhattan. And here in Portland, total immersion into the radio broadcasting world (KGON, Q105, The BEAT, and KINK), more dance, theatre, art and endless music.

Along the way, I’ve met some of the most influential people in my life. Some becoming friends, and others just a brush-by with greatness and ideas. At anytime, it seems we all get caught up together in the same cultural, political, social feelings, views, ideas, and passions. But there’s always something else out there. Any day or night can reveal something brilliant and big or very small and potent.

Feels like riding a wave. And advocating for the next one.

That’s what TheInessaBlog is all about. (By the way, “thank you Rachel Taleff for coining that term when we were at KINK Radio in the baby days of its website and the idea of being a web content producer was the next big rush.)

There’s a big world of local music being made here in Portland that is overwhelmingly good. There are observations to be made on the vibes of food, books, movies, handy must-have items, greenish things and ideas, people to discover, share states of mind, and have conversations with; getting politically messy as well. Why not?

I want to invite YOU to contribute too. Being wide-awake: all through our collective Portland and global lens.