Now Playing at Portland Center Stage

Have you ever played the game “The Oregon Trail”? Came out in 1995 on a CD-ROM!!! Now in its 5th edition, “The Oregon Trail” has allowed us to be a carpenter, a farmer, a banker, a housewife (yes they had them back in the old days of 1848!). Now, The Trail arrives to Portland Center […]

Oregon Symphony’s Challenging Path

In the 21st century, many long-established organizations, from symphonies to ballet companies and theatres, face the perennial challenges of bringing an audience in through the doors to see and take in the offerings. Especially so in the traditional art forms that have been around for decades and different eras and times. The current Symphony President […]

A Parting “Pearly” Gift

When Steven Hettum’s bandmates heard about Steven’s worsening health issues, they quickly got to work on creating a final album for release. Tracks they’d collected over the last few years were quickly shaped into an album called Folks Like Us. Yet another parting musical gift. Steve left the planet on 2.8.2016.

The Return of Vaudeville

There are, it turns out, some very potent reasons why several long-time honored forms of entertainment and theatre  are making a solid comeback. It has everything to do with our time here in the 21st century.

Mealtime Conversations and #BadDecisions

Fertile Ground Festival offers up the perfect platform for workshopping two original works created by Brianna Barrett, Hamilton Barrett, and John Maggi.

Meet Marty O’Reilly and the Old Soul Orchestra