The Many Hats of Rob Daiker

Seems so simple. You’re an artist. A writer.  You’re a musician. A songwriter. An actor. The commitment to keeping your head totally in your chosen art form is another thing entirely. Rob advocates for pouring one’s emotion into what you create. That is the thing that gives the artist’s life a through-line and, well, makes […]

Portland Meets Brooklyn

Countless write-ups have spun the magic of Portland and Brooklyn as places you don’t get priced out of. A place you can make a living as a creative, a freelancer. O, it goes on. The New York Times has done endless stories and comparisons. Brooklyn trio Pearl and the Beard, have a Portland stop. So […]

The Pine Hill Project

The Pine Hill Project is made up of Lucy Kaplansky and Richard Shindell. Established singer-songwriters in their own right, they had been longing to create an album together. Tomorrow You’re Going is made up of covers. Some you might be familiar with, like U2’s “Sweetest Thing” which is right at home along side Greg Brown […]

Willy Vlautin and The Delines

If you are familiar with the work of Richmond Fontaine, you know Willy as its lead singer and also as an acclaimed novelist. You also then might know, Willy likes the darker underbelly of things. He knew from the start he wanted to work with The Damnations Tx‘s’ Amy Boone and create a band with […]

Alexa Wiley & the Wilderness

Even though I don’t think it every day or even muster the courage for it every day, being actively curious about the mystery and taking innate joy being wild, as Alexa Wiley describes it, is really at the root of any creative work. This mantra is deeply woven into the newest album, “Alexa Wiley & […]

Seattle’s Royal Odd Couple

It takes a lot to turn focus up north from our culturally and musically rich town. Fly Moon Royalty has my attention.