Whose Streets? Our Streets!

Teaching moments come unbidden. This one, in the form of a documentary of events that happened in August of 2014.  A documentary “For the people. By the people”.   PORTRAIT OF FERGUSON     In the recent aftermath of Charlottesville, I remarked to a friend of mine “This documentary is so powerful!”.  He replied, “Timely AF!” But […]

The Visionary and Radical James Baldwin

In the recently released Raoul Peck documentary, I Am Not Your Negro,  Peck’s vision takes a different tack. Not trivialized. Not distorted by any number of influences, from Hollywood to media, and vicious partisan, political squabbling. James Baldwin’s vision was to “forge a country where we need each other”. Baldwin’s niece, author and educator Aisha Karefa-Smart, offers up […]

SEE: A Space Program

Yes. It’s a mission to Mars. But it will take you into previously uncharted territory, thanks to artist Tom Sachs and his team.  

John Cage: “Everybody’s Cage”

Reel Music is in its 33rd annual edition. Curation has been going all year and as always new pieces and those timeless classics are part of the Festival palette. No matter what your musical passions are, so many are represented here, including jazz, blues, soul, opera, and avant-garde. That is our stop, right here.

Laurie Anderson’s Feast of Sound & Vision

Not everyone gets invited to share their “philosophy” for a creative project and create a film out of that musing. Unless you are, of course, Laurie Anderson. A long-time muser on life, art, music, fashion, technology, story-telling, and so much more,  she has created a tender, mysterious, beautiful roaming documentary on love and with that, the […]

Timothy Leary: Tune In Turn On Drop Out

He’s famous for many quips and unforgettable lines, but aside from the famous  “Turn on..”  triple threat, Leary’s “Just Say Know” is among my very favorites because, basically, knowledge is power, as the poet once said. And it’s never more critical and important than today, some 50 years after Leary and his partner in “crime”, […]