Jesse Terry: Uncovering the Creative Life

One of the joys of meeting fellow travelers along the road  is to solidify the bonds of friendship. Jesse Terry has found that bond in Oregon musician Tyler Fortier. Friends tend to each other in this, not easy, lifestyle  and step up as needed.     MEET JESSE TERRY       Tyler Fortier hooked […]

Tyler Fortier’s Black and White Heart

It’s not for “overzealous fitness buffs” warns Tyler about his new record. Not sure what is needed  to get your 5 miles in  when it comes to music on morning runs. But I can promise, Black and White Heart WILL intoxicate you.

The Mystery of Hidden Charms and Unusual Suspects

Ever wonder what goes on in homes of any neighborhood in Portland as you pass by them. For the most part I would guess something pretty wonderful. At least my Optimist’s Club nature hopes so and so does my creative spirit! Arlie Conner’s cozy 101 year old house in Sellwood is testament to that.