Meet Hank Sinatra AND Bert Sperling

This is a story about “Two for the Price of One”. Bert has always had a love for a good song. And as he says, “a good song transcends any genre”. That’s where Hank Sinatra comes into play. The name of Bert’s musical alter ego appeared as effortlessly as his musical abilities. That is one […]

The Delines

Prolific writer Willy Vlautin¬†has a new muse. She has allowed him to write songs of love, passion, despair and darkness, at once bitter and filled with wisdom. Willy would never voice these songs himself. But Amy Boone has allowed him to channel the lyrics through her old-soul and world weary voice.       Richmond […]

Bert Sperling: Renaissance Man

Let’s begin with a few definitions. From the Oxford Dictionary, “From French renaissance, from re- ‘back, again’ + naissance ‘birth’ (from Latin nascentia, from nasci ‘be born’).¬†(as noun a renaissance) A revival of or renewed interest in something: a period of new growth or activity. And from Merriam-Webster: “a movement or period of vigorous artistic […]