Identity Thief

Identity Thief’s unsinkable Melissa McCarthy knows no bounds; leaves no stone unturned. What is it about movie theatres? There’s some sort of crazy default setting that makes even the most sober of people turn to consuming overly-large containers of popcorn and bring-your-own-salt-from-home-shakers so you can add even more salty goodness to the already hyperbolic mixture. […]

The Reinvention of Sharon Lacey

In an era of reinvention, take a few lessons from Sharon Lacey who has done it not one, not two, but three and maybe even four times. Each time she made a move to reimagining her life, there was always a deep reason for it. Moving from radio/TV gigs to a very rich career in […]

Dianne Bates Interview

This is what happens when two friends who haven’t seen each other in a decade or two get together. Reunion January 2, 2013: Dianne Bates and I spent much of our so-called careers creating the same high jinx and traveling on some parallel paths and several divergent roads.  Portland is the portal for this silly […]