Andy and Blake’s Couple Degrees of Separation

Back in the late 70’s and into the 80’s, there’s no doubt Portland was rockin’ and reelin’ with live music. All kinds of genres of the era, from R&B, to funk, to dance music, new wave,  and straight ahead rock n roll. Here’s one of those stories.

Blake Sakamoto Plays In New Year’s Eve

As many clubs and ballrooms as there are around Portland and Vancouver, are as many styles and moods waiting to be created and crafted into a New Year’s Eve celebration. Here’s a little different spin:  enjoy the 2014 finale in Vancouver USA and greet 2015 with the best of the 80’s.   Vancouver’s New Year’s […]

Dan Reed Network – Return of Original Lineup 2014!

We live in a political world, as the poet said. Ask Dan Reed. I would have, but he was busy doing the important work of laying down tracks for a new album. DRN’s wonderful Blake Sakamoto knows the inside track, however. And! He’s a fan of the band. Who better to talk to about future […]