The Accidental Jimmy Mak

Jimmy says it all happened “almost accidentally”. The club, the success he had with it in our community. Thanks in part to inspiration his dad offered Jimmy. And the inspiration, in turn, Jimmy offered to musicians in Portland. Full circle. His passion and open heart will continue to live in OUR hearts.   Jimmy Makarounis As […]

Husband, Father, Musician. Having It All

Nine months later and we catch up. Baby is growing. Music is blooming. Life is roaring by. But there’s time to catch up and hear a new song and plans for the future of Copeland music. 

What’s Easy about Creative Music?

Turns out, a LOT and and nothing. Thara Memory and I sat down at Local 99 at the beginning of the year to talk about his family roots, teaching the very young student (as fast as he can) and what rehearsals really are like. A hint? As easy as unwrapping a gift!

Naomi LaViolette: Life in the Moment

Naomi has worked over the spring, through the summer and now it’s Autumn in full radiance. Time to celebrate that new baby!  You’ve Got Me as arrived. Naturally, it’s Party Time!