EDM: It Comes in All ScapeMindsets

With the FEMM-EDM Showcase quickly approaching at Dante’s, time to go deep into how EDM has reshaped not just the music of Amanda and Jenni Price and Laura Ivancie┬ábut created a full-on EDM EVENT!

Laura Ivancie’s Epiphany

I hadn’t really thought about the word “epiphany” since reading loads of James Joyce in college classes, Joyce being the main man to bring the word to everyday use. But it’s all come flooding back! Thanks Laura!

Laura Ivancie: Not In It For the Wealth

I wonder where Laura will truly end up in her journey. In the brief time she’s been doing her thing, it has included college basketball, fighting fires for the U.S.Forest Service, and teaching English in Buenos Aires. But music was always in the background. Now there’s a coming-out party that puts music front and center.