Kathryn Claire

Joy is infectious. And, it’s addictive. Great to be around that kind of vibe. Catching up with Kathryn Claire’s busy musical life means getting in some laughter!

It’s Just Rock’n’Roll

The release of a new Nick Cave project is always thrilling. Where will Push the Sky Away, with Nick AND The Bad Seeds, take YOU, I wonder? He’s one of those endless vessels of thought. And those thoughts stream into all these different directions and functions. So by turns, we get the songwriter, the poet, […]

Ashleigh Flynn

She’s a little bit Kentucky, a little bit Texas, and Virginia, and a whole load of Portland! Ashleigh’s new album is ready! This “soulful, real musician” feels on the cusp of something really great. All for that! And don’t miss the title track “A Million Stars” at the end of our convo. Her official website […]