Oregon Symphony’s Challenging Path

In the 21st century, many long-established organizations, from symphonies to ballet companies and theatres, face the perennial challenges of bringing an audience in through the doors to see and take in the offerings. Especially so in the traditional art forms that have been around for decades and different eras and times. The current Symphony President […]

Music = The Unspeakable

There are, as it turns out, some bits of downtime in the life of German cellist Alban Gerhardt. But outside of that, it is a breathless and rigorous and non-stop life of practice, travel, and performance for this brilliant artist who is briefly in Portland and maximizing every single moment.

Holcombe Waller: Creative Collaborative

It’s a late October afternoon here in Portland. Sunny! Making our way to North Portland and into the lovely old neighborhood, cozy between Mississippi Avenue and MLK. Climb up the cement stairs, through the door and ┬áinto the lair of creativity!!!