The Interior Life of Nick Jaina

Let’s start with a question. Do you recall knowing what you were good at as a kid. What were you confident doing? Some know right away. For Nick? Writing songs. That rhythmic layout on the page: a few lines, a refrain, some more lines, and only later came picking up an instrument to add the […]

Laura Ivancie’s Epiphany

I hadn’t really thought about the word “epiphany” since reading loads of James Joyce in college classes, Joyce being the main man to bring the word to everyday use. But it’s all come flooding back! Thanks Laura!

What’s in a Name?

Turns out, plenty! Both Portland’s The Moonshine and Polecat from Bellingham, Washington  have a tale to tell on origins of their band names.

For Whitney Myer it’s a Heart Full of Rhythm and Soul

Whitney Myer is ready for her “close-up”, as a solo artist that is. She’s got MY attention thanks to her connection with Portland soul-man Christopher Worth. Don’t miss a preview of his first single from the forthcoming new album.