Tom Gold at Robin Road

The world keeps reinventing itself. Nowhere more true than in the art-world. And especially when it comes to those centuries-old art forms like “Ballet”.  Tom Gold is a dancer, choreographer, and instructor. He’s created dozens of original works for ballet companies across the country. And Tom is in Portland for an intense few days, to […]

Magic Time Has Arrived

The signs are all here. Hints of snow in the forecast. Twinkly lights are going up. From here on out, until the quiet and silence of January, it will be a mad and exciting seasonal rush. So make it be in a good way. Perfect way to begin?

Challenge: Pay Attention to the Men (Women) Behind the Curtain

I don’t know about you, but I have been known to love watching/being part of a rehearsal more than the final product on the stage in any kind of theatrical production. In this case an opportunity to view The Portland Ballet Advanced Students at work and play. Restlessness and Creativity. The Repetitive Nature of Shaping […]