Water Tower at Robin Road

The music is such a rich palette of everything that informs us in the world of folk and global music. From getting a start busking on street corners, that time-honored tradition to playing traditional old time and bluegrass sounds, to playing for square dances and festivals, there is a new fork in the road for Water Tower.

Ezza Rose Bringing Beauty to Ear of Beholder

The new album, When the Water’s Hot, has truly been a journey for Ezza Rose. Field recordings began some time ago. Songs have had time to gestate and mature. The result? An intense studio album with a sudden and unexpected beauty. 

Meet Levon’s Helmet

Let’s just get this out of the way. Levon’s Helmet is not a pun-driven tribute band. Jason Oppat and Gordon Keepers spun out of bluegrass band Water Tower, and it is full speed ahead with another kind of power-punk-pop driven vision.   WEIGHT’S IN A NAME? Pun’s got me. Last one, Promise. This power-poppy-punky trio, […]